The episode begins with a message saying that the video is made with Screencast-O-Matic. After that, it plays the intro. It then plays the episode. Mr. Single has his arms up in the air, and is greeting you to the episode.

He then says that he likes to eat burgers, fish, and fried eggs. It shows his eating chart next.

He shows the audience his bed, then two pictures.

The episode then ends.


  • Mr. Single is 17 years old, however in the baby photo, it says that it was taken on May 6th, 2012. May 6th is the creator of the Number Cats birthday. Mr. Single appears to be 5, however this is made when the Number Cats is still in Beta.
  • The episode was made the day the channel was created.
  • Mr. Single's voice sometimes cuts out, but no one knows why. Even the creator of the Number Cats doesn't know why!
  • Mr. Single has the beta character, but in the next episodes, he doesn't have it.
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